Abolition vs. ProLife

It is important to understand the difference between Abolition and Pro-Life. They are not the same thing. Many times you hear the Pro-Life movement use words that sound like they want to end abortion completely. The truth is, they do not. Although many in the Pro-Life movement say that abortion is murder, they will not support bills that establish the same equal protection for the preborn that you and I have now. Their words are inconsistent with their action. Many elected officials in Utah will declare their intention to end abortion. If this is the case, who is stopping them? At a townhall meeting, House Representative Candice Pierucci pointed out that she would fight against any abortion bill banning abortion. Other leading “Pro-Life” legislators have enacted laws that permit exceptions allowing abortions up until birth. The Latter Day Saint organization has an official stance that allows abortion, even if they say they don’t encourage it. Ungodly legislation will fail and bills of partiality can always be refuted. The truth is being uncovered. We cannot allow unwanted babies to be killed. We must demand equal protection for all human beings.

Abolitionists want to establish equal protection and justice for all human beings. This includes those in the womb. ¬†Abolition is a Christian movement that has a biblical foundation to follow God’s Word. Our actions must submit to God as our ultimate authority. Abolitionists call for a total and immediate abolition of abortion. We will not compromise. Until justice is established through abolition, we will work to rescue as many of the preborn as we can by standing in the gap at abortion clinics in Utah. We will continue to share the gospel and offer support to those that accept our help.