Common Questions

1. Would a mother be convicted of murder if she has a miscarriage?

No. A natural death is different than deliberately taking a human life.  Murder is defined as “the taking of human life with malice aforethought.” However, if a miscarriage is caused intentionally through a drug or other means, then such an action would be considered an abortion.

Voice for the voiceless preaching
voice for the voiceless and mercy moms

2. Will those who had a prior abortion be convicted of murder?

No. Those who had abortions prior to the law will not be prosecuted. There are laws in place now to prevent that. The U.S. Constitution prohibits Ex Post Facto laws.

3. What if the mother’s life is in danger?

In a situation where the only way to save the mother’s life is to end the pregnancy, it may be necessary to deliver the child early. As a result of early delivery, and depending on the age of the child at delivery, some children may not survive and that is a tragedy. But, there is no circumstance that necessitates the child be murdered and then delivered. It’s always the responsibility of the doctor to treat both human beings involved like human beings and attempt to save both. It is always the responsibility of the magistrate to outlaw both.

Voice for the voiceless preaching
voice for the voiceless and mercy moms

4. What happens with online ordering of the RU-486 pill?

Receiving or sending the chemical abortion pill must be completely outlawed. Illegal drugs sent through the mail are always punishable.  A pill that is used to kill a baby in the womb is no different.

5. What about bodily autonomy?

“Bodily autonomy” means that you may not do something to another persons body against their will. This is a self-refuting argument. If you claim that someone’s will was taken away from them, you can’t correct that injustice by doing the very same thing against another human.

Voice for the voiceless legislative team
voice for the voiceless and mercy moms

6. What About Rape?

Should a child be sentenced to death because of the crimes of the father? Should a violent act of aggression be committed against the baby? Or should the punishment go to the rapist? Women who are pregnant due to rape should be cared for instead of lied to. Telling them that killing their unborn child is the first step towards healing from the rape is a lie. It is not justice.