1. First Step

Churches need to be unified to Gods command and be obedient to him.  We trust in Him to end abortion in our state.

2. Abolition, Not ProLife

Understand the difference between ProLife and Abolition.  Why is the ProLife establishment not able to end abortion?

3. Laws to end aboltion

What have our Prolife bills have done?  Why are exceptions wrong?  Explore the consequesnces of Utah laws vs. other prolife laws.

1. First Step

Christians in Utah must unite together in the fight to end abortion.  Many churches are already involved on the frontline of the abortion clinics.  Others are engaging our legislators to demand equal protection for the preborn.

To find out more about local churches and ministries that are united together in the fight to end abortion, go to mychurchutah.com

If you’d like to talk with someone about joining the growing number of churches unified together to end abortion, click the “contact” button.

preaching at abortion clinics
Choosing Life Series

2. Abolition vs. State

Many people that have been fighting for the lives of the preborn would consider themselves Prolife.  They never could imagine that the ProLife establishment would trick them into thinking that they are trying to end abortion, but in reality are fighting for laws to keep abortion legal.  In many cases, “prolife” laws that are passed will actually make abortion more accessable.  

Here are a collection of videos from Abolitionists around the country explaining how this happens.  

3. Laws to end abortion

Ending abortion in legislation is simple.  Give the same protection under the law to every human being.  Establish Justice and give Equal Protection for every image bearer of God.

“No state shall deny to any person the equal protection of the laws.” – The Constitution

Do you believe a fetus is a person?

Join us in fighting for equal protection.

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